Data iSolutions understands the importance of data and analytics in today’s times where data can change the pace of your business and profit-making. Therefore, we provide solutions related to Data Entry, Data Analytics, Web Research, and MS Visio. Our list of services includes the following:

1. Data Entry

Data entry is one of the important aspects of any company. Tons of data is created every single day and it is imperative to keep track of everything in order to have a sustainable strategy for your company. Digital data is much easier to store and analyze. However, there are also platforms where manual data is collected and it becomes crucial to digitalize this manually collected data at the earliest.

Therefore, flawless data entry is another task that we specialize in. Any error in data entry can cost you a lot in the long run. Hence, outsourcing your data entry work to our team can save you from the tedious tasks of getting data entered, cleaning data and storing it.


Data Entry_Web Reserch



We assure you that all our data entry operators are selected after thorough tests and they get regular training sessions to ensure that they are updated with all the latest software and technologies. Our entered data goes through a double-checking process and sometimes even triple on the request of clients.

2. Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an emerging domain, thanks to the data that is generated every day on the internet through websites and various social media platforms. In today’s times, every business ought to have a website and some social media pages. However, to make optimum use of these tools, data analytics is essential. At Data iSolutions, we offer one of the best and the most talented analytics team that can do the critical job of data collection, data cleansing and optimization to suit your analytics tool.

3. Web Research

We offer you a customized web research service that can give you all the required information for your sales and marketing teams. Our team has already helped several businesses in their research. So, we know the needs and expectations of our clients when it comes to web research. From collecting relevant data for lead generation, data aggregation and product research to competitor analysis, market research and data collection for professional services, we specialize in web research to help you take data-driven decisions and enhance your business productivity. 

Make your business thrive with our comprehensive suite of outsourcing services and take data-driven decisions quickly. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. Send us an or fill out the online form to request a no-obligation quote.