Automate repetitive MS Office tasks and bring more productivity to your business.

At Data iSolutions, we have a strong workforce dedicated to helping your business with automating key MS Office tasks to eliminate repetitive tasks and enhance your productivity. Our team holds expertise in automating tasks across all Microsoft applications including MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Outlook. We also develop custom software to automate your business specific tasks on MS Office platform through our expertise in VBA (VisualBasic for Applications), SQL server and other technologies.

Typical Scenarios Where Our MS Office Automation Can Become Useful

Leverage the potential of MS Office applications through our automation services and enhance the operational efficiency of your business. Here are some of the common scenarios where automation can be extremely helpful:

Microsoft Excel Automation

  • Creating worksheets that can access information from the different database and populate data
  • Combining multiple worksheets data into a single formatted spreadsheet
  • Automating data formatting within spreadsheetsData iSolutions_microsoft_office_automation
  • Performing file and folder operations programmatically
  • Sending emails from Excel
  • Data filtering through advanced filters
  • Slicing and dicing of large data sets into multiple spreadsheets& more

Microsoft Word Automation

  • Creating Word documents that can access information from different database
  • One-click automation to format content within the documents
  • Creating documents with an ability to automatically send an email upon saving
  • Pulling data from Excel and displaying the same in required format in Word documents
  • Automatically inserting new Word document data into the Excel database & more

Microsoft Outlook Automation

  • Creating custom forms with validations before sending them to recipients
  • Creating custom forms that can save field data directly to Excel spreadsheet or database
  • Automatically send emails to recipients from existing database & more

Custom VBA Automation

  • Creating a custom VBA-based application to store and access information, typically required in accounting, production, sales, CRM, employee management, appointment and service information
  • Custom applications that can collect information from various data files (TXT, CSV, etc.) and populate the formatted data in another file/database

Adobe Acrobat Automation for MS Office Products

  • Automating the process of retrieving editable PDFs
  • Populating document with data from an existing database and saving PDF with a single click
  • Merging multiple PDFs in required order into single PDF
  • Extracting a portion of PDF file and saving it into a new PDF file & more


If you find yourself or your team spending most of your time in handling repetitive tasks in MS Office applications, or if you’re looking to improve your existing VBA scripts, send us an email at or get in touch with us today!