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Transform the Internet into meaningful data for your business benefits.

Data iSolutions is a leader in delivering accurate and complete data to businesses through our rich-domain experience in web scraping and data mining. With our team of expert data scientists and web research specialists, we have demonstrated our expertise across diverse domains including retail and eCommerce, real estate, travel and hotel, social media as well as finance.

With our web scraping services backed by automated data collection strategies, we essentially enable you to take accurate, data-driven decisions quickly without additional overhead costs.


Web Scraping

Key Web Scraping Services We Provide:


  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping for Product, Pricing and Reviews

With vital data on product prices, availability, customer reviews and the overall reputation of your eCommerce business, bring more intelligence in taking key decisions to grow your business and drive more profits.

  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping from Social Media

Enhance the social listening capabilities of your business through historical data collected from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to measure the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns and make informed decisions to specifically reach out to your targeted audience.

  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping for Real Estate Data Collection

Get accurate data on mortgages, deeds, foreclosures, credits and more to perform meaningful analysis and find potential leads, forecast accurate property values, minimize investment risks and so much more.

  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping for Sales Leads Database

Get accurate and complete customer data including addresses, emails, phone numbers and social media profiles to augment your sales and marketing campaigns with our web scraping services for sales leads.

  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping for Travel and Hotel Database

Remain competitive and make informed decisions with our accurate data on hotel reviews, pricing, room availability as well as airline ticket pricing, collected from multiple websites. We are harvesting data from, Expedia, Zomato, Goibibo,, Agoda, Trivago,, and so on.

  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping for Exhibitor Database

Get full exhibitor and quality database of exhibitor database like exhibitor contact details, Email, Website,  Booth Id, Booth size and so on.

  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping for E-Commerce Data Collection

We are providing Data Extraction / Web Scraping Service from various E-Commerce website like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Shopify, Alibaba, eBay, Groupon, Bestbuy, Homedepot and so on.

  • Data Extraction or Web Scraping for Stock and Finance Data

Web Scraping with Python, Data solutions are giving you clean, accurate and well-formed finance, stock and equity data. We can harvest data from Sensex, Nasdaq and so on.



  • Get Data for Almost Anything

The above are just a few examples of numerous data collection possibilities through web scraping. Our team is equally proficient in delivering customized data collection services to suit your business requirements. We also invest heavily in automation and process efficiency tools to provide exceptional quality services to our customers.

  • Get Data in Formats that You Need

We provide the collected data in formats that you want. From JSON, CSV (Excel), XML, etc. we deliver data in formats that are compatible with your specific analytics, CRM or BI tools. In addition, we can also provide you the collected data on any location of your choices such as Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, FTP, and others.

  • Robust Quality Checking Process

We understand that each and every data set is of an intense value to your business and hence we’ve put a rigorous multi-level quality checking process in place to ensure that duplicate or invalid data gets filtered out before the final package is delivered to you.

Let us manage the web scraping and data collection for your business so that you can focus on what’s important – taking intelligent business decisions to maximize profits.

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