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Real transformations have happened after the invention of the Internet. Whether you talk about marketing, sales or promotion, the role of the Internet is immense. But the real contribution in analyzing and speculating the business model goes to big data. Many companies have deployed specific team designated to handle and analyze big data for influencing and tweaking the sales standards.

But when you are planning to take the help of big data and other data analytics for analyzing and working for comprehensive growth, a powerful development team with complete control on Machine Learning can help you. In here, you are concerned about the development charges that might occur. Thus, simplified solutions can better help you in this pursuit. Here are a few simplified solutions in the form of software that you can use for Web Scraping

Outwit Hub

It is a perfect solution for Web Scraping without a colossal investment. The outwit hub software is available in the Firefox to add on the browser. One can also download the Outwit Hub from Google and use it for the Web Scraping purpose. The Outwit Hub browser has advanced data recognition feature that will help you in the extraction.


The best part about this software is the zero dependability it offers to numerous companies. Yes, you do not have to hire a professional IT team for the purpose of Web Scraping. Everything is possible with just a few clicks. The user functionality is simple and easy to use. And, to top everything, the Outwit Hub is completely free without any subscription charges. Thus, you tend to get considerable benefits when you are picking the Outwit Hub for the scrapping.


Web Scrapper Chrome Extension


For the users of Google Chrome, they too have a solution for Web Scraping in the form of Web Scrapper. The Web Scrapper software is extremely easy to use with navigable features that let you easily mine data. The users can setup the site map and navigate for mining the much-needed information. The software makes scrapping easier as multiple pages can be scrapped in one go.


This software easily runs with JavaScript and Ajax. While using the tool, you can easily export the data to a CSV file. So, plan your extraction using this data mining tool if you are looking for quick results.



The Spinn3R is the right scrapping software if you wish to extract data from a news source, blogs, social media and RSS feeds. The use of firehouse APIs ensures that 95% of indexing and crawling happens to reach to the desired data and pull out the necessary chunks from them.

The data that would be extracted using the Spinn3r will be stored in JSON format. In the process, the software will be extracting necessary information and sharing the same with the verticals looking for the extraction.

Sum Up

There are many ways that you can use for Web Scraping instead of coding; but in the end, it is the old methods that are always much more reliable and practical. A developer knows how to code as per your business requirement as you are making your own customizable solution. So, think carefully and plan the best move for your Web Scraping.


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