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Top Tricks While Using PubMed Directory

There is a vast exposure of PubMed across the world. Bringing it down to numbers, one can say that there are a few millions on the list of active users. If you are also using the PubMed for medical journal, here are a few top tricks that can help you use it effectively and better than from your previous experience. So, without wasting any more time, let’s simplify your PubMed usage. 


Trick #1

Precision Searching 


Rummaging through a vast pool of data might be tough when you want to read the medical journals. At such times, you need a precision searching option and PubMed has one smart trick to do that. When you are searching for any medical records or medicines, just put them under the quotation and initiate the search. The results will show you exactly what you have been looking for all this time. 


Trick #2

Faceted Searching 


There are numerous filters available on PubMed that you can use to refine the searches. Review and publication dates are one such option that you can readily avail. You can also type free full-text publisher on the right side of the search window and it will show all the reports and details that were published with a free prefix attached to it. 



Use of And, Or, Not or Parenthesis To Build Searches


You can use the Boolean Operators in the PubMed directory and the benefit will be minimal confusion between the use of similar types of words. The best way to avoid confusion is by using the “And, Or or Not” in the capital letters. Once you do that, the PubMed platform will use it as a mathematical command and show the most relevant data that fits in your expectation. 



Similar Article Trail Search 


At the time of the search, when you want to read the full report and abstract both at the same time, do that by clicking on the “Similar Articles” section. Once you do that, it will show you the abstract article along with the detailed article mentioned.

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